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Subscription Information

Atkins makes it easy to save on meal kits to get started on your low-carb lifestyle, all delivered to your door with free shipping! Each kit contains the meal plans, tools and food you need to succeed. Whether you choose the Frozen Foodie, Evening Chef or Easy Peasy meal kit you’ll save 5% on all subsequent subscription orders. Discount applies to all subscription orders, including all orders from the original plan as well as all orders from additional subscription plans, as long as you maintain an active subscription. Discount does not apply to single purchases. Standard delivery is always free and you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if a subscription order has already shipped or is in the warehouse scheduled to be shipped that day, it cannot be refunded, returned or cancelled. The cancellation request will go into effect for the next scheduled shipment. 

Subscription orders will process automatically approximately every 7 days or every 30 days depending on your subscription choice.