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Delicious one-week diet plans delivered to your door.
With Atkins (and free shipping*), weight loss can be easy!

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Atkins Meal Kits give you an easy, step-by-step plan to start & maintain your successful weight loss journey. These kits were created to help you control your carbs and sugars. Each day you’ll consume 20-25 grams net carbs with convenient meal options and all the tools you need to stay on track. Each kit includes:

  • One-week daily meal plan that is easy to follow and Atkins nutritionist-approved
  • Simplified shopping list to make your trip to the grocery store faster
  • Convenient Atkins products to incorporate into your weekly meal plan
  • FREE tools and support (Mobile App & Community, Online Support & Call Center Support)
  • FREE fast shipping*

Available in three different meal kit options. Order now and receive the following bonus items in your first kit order!

  • Guide (Including shopping list and a specially formulated meal plan where you’ll consume between 20-25 grams net carbs per day)
  • Illustrated step-by-step recipe booklet
  • Carb Counter